LOcal products Festivals and Tourism development in cross-border cooperation Greece-Bulgaria

The project is implemented by the Association Eco Nevrokop in partnership with the University "Aristotle" Thessaloniki (Greece), Exhibitions Research Institute Thessaloniki (Greece), Municipality of Nea Zihni (Greece), Southwestern University Blagoevgrad and Decentralized Administration Makedoniya- Trakia Thessaloniki (Greece). It is implemented with the financial support of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013, financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Period of realization - June 2013 - June 2015


The project aims at promoting and improving the local cultural events directly related to local production in the border region Greece - Bulgaria. To achieve this the project is developing partnerships with existing local festivals and activities that include formation and maintenance of a network of mutual assistance between local organizers of festivals.

Promoting typical local traditional products, well recognized as an essential element of local culture is important for the branding of the region. In this regard the project explores alternative ways to preserve traditional products and production processes by organizing a new festival and through joint activities, including competition of local festivals and products.

Actions of the partners:

- Identify and assess the impact of existing cultural events (directly related to local products);
- Identify other traditional / local products forming part of the cultural identity of the region and offering alternatives for their promotion through existing or new festivals / fairs;
- Joint activities of the organizers of existing local festivals to include other stakeholders (local authorities, associations, etc.) And in particular those involved with projects in the field of tourism and culture;
- Developing and maintaining multilingual web portal for local festivals, including Guise web tool to facilitate interaction with the users of the site;
- Produce a promotional stand, promoting cooperation network of local festivals and related traditional and / or local products and manufacturing processes;
- Organization of a new festivals in Gotse Delchev and in Nea Zihn

Activities of Eco Nevrokop:

  • Management and project coordination;
  • Participation in partnership meetings and events;
  • Produsing of stand for festivals;
  • Make researches and development of strategic and operational plan;
  • Arrange pilot activities - a new festival in Gotse Delchev, rewarding for festivals, visit the Festival of Nea Zihni and a traveling exhibition of local products;
  • Common pilot activities - creating a network for cooperation between local organizers of festivals in the border region

Results of the project:

Festivals and fairs related to local products represent an important cultural asset in the area Greece-Bulgaria and significantly contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional products, related production methods and various tools and equipment. They constitute an important part of the local cultural identity and authenticity of the region. But these days such events are relatively poorly advertised. Implementation of the project implemented a series of coordination initiatives that contribute to a joint promotion, improvement and further development of local events and turning them into tourist attractions.

The project provided an opportunity both to improve cooperation between local organizers of festivals in the region and further development of tourism by organizing various events.

Direct indicators:

  • Identified and organized local producers of traditional products - fabrics, woven and embroidered items, wood carving, wooden household items, pottery, making musical instruments, wine, traditional cuisine and agricultural products, and many others;
  • Training of organizers of festivals;
  • Made promotional stand used to visit the existing festival to promote the products and traditions associated with them;
  • Created, organized and conducted new festival promotes cultural wealth of the region of Gotse Delchev;
  • Improving cultural and economic relations;
  • Promotion of local products;
  • Further development of tourism activities and improving the tourist;
  • Improving the image of the region as a destination for cultural tourism and community that keeps its traditions and identity


The problem of human relationship with nature is becoming more urgent because of the gap that exists between society and nature, which increases every year. Measures should be taken, affect every person on the planet, 

That is why we from Association Eco Nevrokop decided to focus our efforts precisely in this direction by increasing the initiatives oriented towards inclusion of children in activities with an environmental focus.

The first initiative, which began Association Eco Nevrokop is building environmentally friendly behavior in 5-6 year old children and clarify the benefits of using reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic.In the implementation of the initiative included children from kindergarten “Brezichka” and children from kindergarten “Sun. For the implementation of the initiatives the Association purchased 400 reusable bags along with the necessary materials suitable for painting on bags. On each bag was placed printed stamp, which enables children to improvise and stained as they deem best.

Before you start with the color of the bags, an easy and accessible way it was explained to children the difference between these plastic bags and reusable, so that thereby, replacing plastic bags will help in the conservation of nature, keep trees and reduce their deforestation.

Once the bags are colored, we from Association Eco Nevrokop , along with children from these two kindergartens will distribute them to parents of children and residents of the town of Gotse Delchev, аnd anyone who wants to use these bags to help protect the environment.