The problem of human relationship with nature is becoming more urgent because of the gap that exists between society and nature, which increases every year. Measures should be taken, affect every person on the planet, 

That is why we from Association Eco Nevrokop decided to focus our efforts precisely in this direction by increasing the initiatives oriented towards inclusion of children in activities with an environmental focus.

The first initiative, which began Association Eco Nevrokop is building environmentally friendly behavior in 5-6 year old children and clarify the benefits of using reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic.In the implementation of the initiative included children from kindergarten “Brezichka” and children from kindergarten “Sun. For the implementation of the initiatives the Association purchased 400 reusable bags along with the necessary materials suitable for painting on bags. On each bag was placed printed stamp, which enables children to improvise and stained as they deem best.

Before you start with the color of the bags, an easy and accessible way it was explained to children the difference between these plastic bags and reusable, so that thereby, replacing plastic bags will help in the conservation of nature, keep trees and reduce their deforestation.

Once the bags are colored, we from Association Eco Nevrokop , along with children from these two kindergartens will distribute them to parents of children and residents of the town of Gotse Delchev, аnd anyone who wants to use these bags to help protect the environment.


On March 26 we celebrated The Earth Day. We from Association Eco Nevrokop celebrated this day by the initiative, planting trees in front of the Culture House.

This is the first initiative of our Association, but it has implemented with success.

In the facebook page of the Association headed invitation to all our friends to support us and show that we care for the Earth, and the generations after us.Although few were confirmed participation in facebook, in this day came many willingpeople, and best of all was that they were mostly young people, students expressed their desire distortion in digging holes, planting and watering trees then.And everyone tоок a picture in front of the tree, which planted. S0 everyone will have their photo memories, but what is most important is to know which tree is “his” and over time will be proud of what he did.

I sincerely hope these young people to support us in further initiatives that the Association will decide to implement.

And thanks to all- I publish the pictures I made on Saturday:))