If you think a day ahead, grab your food.

If you think a year ahead, plant a tree.

If you think a hundred years, educate your children!!!


 Nature is a complex organism, a part of who are the humans too. The environment is our living space, which gives us food, air, water, energy … everything which is related to our existence, our survival. For centuries, mankind is unaware that nature can not be beat and submit that any interference with it must be in moderation and responsibility. However, modern society with its high technology, with giant works with the powerful energies already violate this harmony. Today, nature is a living organism, but this organism is sick. Symptoms of this disease more often and more clearly gives signs of a dangerous breach of this coexistence! Floods, fires, severe temperature anomalies, destructive storms, disease with tragic consequences for the human consequences are deserved!

Whether nature takes revenge? We humans alone cut the branch on which we sit-destroying slowly but surely the environment! And those who direct blame for its destruction and the other is us who look with distaste ..

- Only if everyone knew how trees are destroyed for our notebooks, and books!
- Only if each of us thought that each year destroys the green mass equal to the territory of Bulgaria!
- Only if each of us pay attention to the fact that the threatened species that die valuable plants. At the same time the oxygen of every human being needs to seven trees available-these are our breath.

To have a future and to survive our environment is needed activity.

Will we give a chance of nature? Maybe.
- If we plant a tree or one flower.
- If we save the plant or animal.
- If we save and do not pollute the water does not destroy the soil, protect air quality.
- If you reduce and dispose of waste indiscriminately.
- If we learn more about how each of us can contribute to a better quality of life.
- If we change your behavior to our environment.
- If even attract a new cohort for the future of the planet and its children!

That is why we founded the Association “Eco Nevrokop, whose philosophy is focused on spreading knowledge and awareness of current environmental condition of the land, bringing our families, schools, our communities, our countries, continents, our planet to understand the actual work together.