About us

  The philosophy of the “Eco Nevrokop is focused on expanding knowledge and awareness of current environmental condition of the land, bringing our families, schools and our communities to work together. When we understand the actual role that each has to make the world a better, healthier place, we will begin to realize the importance of environmental education. When we unite and work together we can create one healthy environment.

  Association Eco Nevrokop aims to work towards environmental protection through:

  • Support and assistance for the conservation of flora and fauna of the country and region;
  • Support for the formation of environmental culture and raise public awareness;
  • Organizing direct actions and campaigns to protect and restore the environment;
  • Collection and dissemination of information relating to environmental issues.

  Main objectives of the Association Eco Nevrokop:

  • Conservation and Environmental Protection;
  • Integration of young people in society and promote their initiative;
  • Supporting the development of tourism;
  • Promoting economic and ecological activity;
  • Implementation of youth activities and initiatives;
  • Development and strengthening of spiritual and historical values, customs and traditions;